About the Eharmony system

Previously, I compared eharmony to match.com. In this post, I will focus exclusively on how the Eharmony system works.

For over a decade Eharmony has become famous by doing something called compatibility matching. This process matches you up with another member with whom you will be highly compatible. The system uses over 29 criteria to select your match, and is based on the research done by psychologists, most notably Neil Clark Warren, the founder of Eharmony. This may all sound complex to you, but it really isn’t.

Psychologists have long known that people with similar characteristics are more likely to get along, especially in relationships. So most of the system boils down to asking questions, then matching you up with people who have similar characteristics. Some characteristics are more important than others in determining compatibility, so those characteristics, I would assume, are given more weight. And to make sure there is plenty of information to base the matches on, Eharmony asks you to complete a personality test upon signing up. This test is really long and goes on and on for multiple pages. Some users may even be turned off by this requirement, but they shouldn’t be. The more comprehensive the test, the more the odds are stacked in your favor. By collecting all this data about you, the system is better able to find your ideal match.

The best part about Eharmony is that you can take the personality test free, use the matching algorithm, and receive matches for free. This is crucial, because the last thing you want to do is pay money for something then realize it doesn’t deliver results for you. Using the trial offer (from http://couponleaf.com/eharmony-free-trial), you can instead evaluate the matches you receive first, then pay for membership only if you are convinced the system will be effective for you.

The personality test offered by Eharmony isn’t exactly fun. It’s multiple choice, feels like a real test such as the SATs, and takes at least 40 minutes to finish, unless you want to just rush through the answers. But it looks as if millions of people have taken it anyway in the hopes the system will find them their match. In my opinion, it’s a good way to approach dating if you have not had the best results trying other methods of meeting people.