Are ecigs better for your health compared to regular cigarettes?

The ecig industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of ecig users. Part of the appeal of ecigs is that they are cheaper than regular cigarettes, and offer a lot more variety. You can get everything from small ecigs that look exactly like regular cigarettes, to larger “mods” that use a tank system. In addition, you literally have hundreds of choices when it comes to flavors. Who would have thought you could smoke flavors like cheesecake or watermelon? But that’s exactly what you can do with ecigs.

The major debate about ecigs revolves around whether or not they are better for your health. The consensus seems to be that yes, they are preferable to smoking regular cigarettes. But many health experts are concerned because they don’t yet understand the long-term implications of using ecigs. Some warn about the fluids in ecig liquids, believing they could potentially be harmful. But recent studies have shown that such concerns for the most part, are unwarranted. For example, one recent study found that inhaling e-liquids is not much different from inhaling regular air.

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An added side benefit to using e-cigs is that they keep your teeth whiter, improve your breath, and therefore make you a more attractive prospect if you are currently in the dating world. If you’re interested in exploring online dating, make sure you read my article about eharmony.