Best Sources for Omega 3

vitamins on a shelfFor many years, the benefits of Omega 3 have been touted by health experts. It’s good for your heart, good for you skin, and can even relieve signs of depression. Anyone who is serious about their health should therefore make sure that they get a regular dose of Omega 3. Many people recommend having 2 servings of fish a week, but I personally think one should also take an good Omega 3 or Fish Oil supplement on top of eating fish.

Here are some of the best sources of omega 3:

1) Supplements: Fish oil supplements can be expensive, but it’s also the most sure-fire way to get your omega 3 fatty acids. You’ll know exactly how much you’re getting, whereas the amount is much less clear if you rely on getting fish oil from eating fish. Good brands to consider include Source Natural and Nordic Naturals. To buy these supplements at a discounted price, head over to websites like Referralbusinessbuilders (link down below).

2) Fish: I recommend eating at least 2 servings a week, even if you already take fish oil supplements. Some fish that contain high levels of omega 3 are sardines, salmon, and oysters. Most fishes will provide at least some omega 3, but you might as well stick to the ones that give you the most bang for your buck.

3) Flaxseed Oil and Nuts: Walnuts are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids if you don’t care much for fish. You can also use Flaxseed oil for a number of things such as adding it to your salad dressing.

When buying supplements, pay attention to the potency. You need a highly potent supplement if you want it to be effective. I encourage you to only buy from trusted vendors such as Pureformulas. It’s also a good idea to purchase your supplements online, as this will allow you to get low prices and also allow you to take advantage of a pureformulas coupon code. To boot, if you take advantage of online coupons, you can expect to pay less for your supplements. This is important, because as you’ll find out, fish oil supplements tend to be quite pricey.