How to buy and sell giftcards

massage therapistsThe holiday season is over, and chances are good that you have many unwanted gift cards. What should you do with them? The most obvious answer is to sell them, since gift cards have no expiration and can be used by anybody.

Some grocery stores and similar locations have kiosks that allow you to sell unwanted gift cards. These are not a good option in my opinion, because you usually don’t get the best price for your cards. A better option is to try to sell them online on auction sites like Ebay. There will likely be a bit of competition, but you should be able to sell your card at close to face value.

Sites that specialize in buying and selling gift cards is another option to consider. Examples of such sites are Raises, Cardpool, Cardcash, and many others. If you take this approach, I would visit a handful of such sites, and use the one that will give you the most money for your gift card.

You can purchase unwanted gift cards to save money as well. Take something like Massage Envy, for example. You may be a patron who already pays a membership fee every month. If you purchase a Massage Envy gift card, you could get up to 20% off the value of the card. Gift cards are very easy to use, and you can check your Massage Envy gift card balance at anytime using the website. Then, you can use the card to pay your memberships, and it will be the same thing as getting a 20% discount on your membership. I do this all the time to save money not just at Massage Envy, but at many other stores and restaurants such as Taco Bell, Target, and Del Taco.

The only bad thing about buying gift cards is that you’ll end up with quite a few cards you’ll need to carry around with you. In addition to that, you’ll need to make upfront payments for these cards, so you might need to make a few adjustments to how you budget your money. Nevertheless, in the long run, you stand to save hundreds of dollars each year by getting into the habit of using discounted gift cards on a regular basis.