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Last week, I wrote a bit about how the Eharmony system works. While Eharmony has successfully helped thousands of people get married, I’ll be the first to acknowledge that it may not be the best dating site for some people. Some people are still at a stage in life where they are figuring out who they are, and their approach to dating may be more casual. They may or may not want a serious relationship.

On the whole, I find Eharmony to be the appropriate choice for people who are ready to find someone to love for the rest of their lives. The site is designed to find you a soul mate, so you should be at the stage of your life when you are ready to meet such a person. Also, joining Eharmony is a lot more time-consuming because you need to complete a test before you even set up your profile. These are all things to bear in mind before you join the site., on the other hand, has a wider appeal. Yes, it can be used by people looking for a long-term, serious relationship, but it can be used just as easily by people who are interested in casually dating. The key to making work for you is to learn how to conduct searches that will narrow down potential matches to only the people who would appeal to you. This takes some practice, but you should get better at it as you continue to use the search function on the site.

One final thing to consider is whether you want an algorithm to find love for you, or whether you’d like to choose your matches on your own, using your own set of criteria. This is a matter of personal choice. If you haven’t had much success trying to find your own matches, it makes sense to leave it up to scientific matching system like Eharmony. On the other hand, if you want more control over who you are matched up with, then joining would make a lot more sense.

Like Eharmony, there is a free trial here of that you can use if you visit’s free trial only lasts for three days, but it does allow you to use all the features of the site without any limitations.