Should you check out the eharmony free trial?

One of the gripes I used to have with eharmony was that there was no free trial offer available. Other sites, like and had free trials, so why not eharmony? The only thing they offered was a free communication weekend that took place once every couple months or so. I always felt that they should also have a limited time free trial that new customers can take advantage of.

eharmony blogFortunately, this all changed earlier this year. Now, you can use eharmony with some restrictions for free. Specifically, here are the things you can do for free with an eharmony free trial.

  • Take the personality test and get a personality profile.
    This was always free, and remains that way.
  • Receive and review matches. This too was free before. You can view the people you are matched up with, and continue receiving matches as long as you like.
  • Communicate with your matches. This used to always require an upgrade, but this is no longer the case. Now, you can engage in some guided communication without having it cost you money. You must however upgrade before you are allowed to exchange open messages freely.

One problem, however, is that with a free account from eharmony, you are unable to view pictures of your matches. This may or may not be a huge deal for you, but given that a large part of attraction has to do with physical characteristics, I find this to be a bit of an issue, as shallow as that may sound.

Nevertheless, I find the recent changes at eharmony a huge improvement, and encourage you to check out this site. As you probably know, eharmony creates more marriages than any other dating site, so the odds are in your favor. I tend to thing that if you’re going to invest your time and money in online dating, you might as well go with the website that has the best track record.

If you want to try eharmony, I recommend that you sign up for eHarmony right away. For other great dating offers, make sure you visit this eharmony blog.