Three ways to rent video games cheaply

renting games from redboxI’ve been gaming for many years, and it has become clear to me over the years that it’s much better to rent games rather than buying them. It’s rare for me to want to own a game after I’ve finished it a number of times, so it makes sense for me to rent them instead. By renting video games, I save money, and also have the chance to play a lot more titles than I otherwise would.

But what are the best ways to rent games? I will go over three of my favorite ways below.

Borrow games from friends.
By far, this is the best way to borrow games, since it costs you nothing. But you don’t want to just borrow from friends and give nothing back in return, so ideally, you already have a few titles in your video game library that you can lend to your friends as well. Gamers are an enthusiastic group, so you should have no trouble finding a group of friends that enjoy the same kind of games.

Rent from Red Box.
Red Box allows you to rent video games for $3 per day, which isn’t exactly cheap, but still a fraction of the cost of buying a game. Renting video games from Red Box is a good choice for games that you think you’ll finish playing in a day or two. Obviously, for games you might keep for a week or more would end up costing too much money, and you should look elsewhere for such games.

Join Gamefly.
Gamefly allows you to rent games online, and the games will be delivered to your address. You are allowed to keep the games for as long as you like, which is very appealing to many gamers. Online, you would maintain a queue of games you want to play, and they will be sent out to you sequentially as you return games. At present, you can rent out as many as 2 games at a time. Gamefly memberships start at around $15 a month, but you can get a 30-day free trial and test drive the service first.

One other thing you can do is buy your games then sell them on Ebay once you are done playing them. This is definitely an economical way to play video games, but it also takes a bit too much work for me. For the time being, I find that using Gamefly is the best option for renting games.