Hello, I’m Rojo. I am currently living in San Diego and I am an avid shopper. I love going to malls on the weekends, but when I don’t have the opportunity to get out, I enjoy shopping online just as much.

The shopping world has become increasingly complex. Being a smart shopper is therefore essential if you want to save money and get good bargains on whatever your purchase. One of the best ways to be a knowledgeable shopper is by making a habit of doing research online. Before going out on a shopping spree, I always like to do the following:

  • Research price ranges for the items I am interested in purchasing
  • Red reviews of some of the top brands
  • See if I can get the product I want used (assuming it’s something I don’t mind buying used
  • See if there are any online coupons, promotions, or other discount offers I can take advantage of

As you can see, I like to do my homework and be as knowledgeable a shopper as possible. I suggest you take the same approach to shopping.